the moment everything changed

I am sorry I went AWOL. I have been drafting this post for ages but I could not get myself to finish it without getting emotional. It is still incomplete, but I am putting it out here anyway. I promise myself I will have the rest of it up here before this month ends. I … Continue reading the moment everything changed


Dates to Remember

Valentines day is a good thing. A day was much needed to be set just so that people could take time off to make it extra special. Although it started off as a day for lovers, it became a big deal and opened its arm to draw in love of any kind. Families, friendships, siblings, … Continue reading Dates to Remember

Tumbles and Twitches

After our first scan, we had a big decision to make. After many weeks of scary news one after the other, listening to multiple opinions and confusing timelines, we did take a decision. My husband and I were not spiritual much. We were Christians by birth, believed in the existence of God and was a … Continue reading Tumbles and Twitches


I was terrified on the day of my first scan. I dreaded the idea. And I also dreaded the idea of them telling me, "sorry ma'am you're not pregnant!" Surprisingly, there was no rush at the hospital and I was called in for the scan within minutes. The examiner went ahead and started the scan, … Continue reading FIRST SCAN


The thought of it brings a calmness and warmth in me now. But it wasn't always the case. When I was young(er), having kids was just a thing people did after getting married, like getting jobs after college. It was something I took for granted considering everybody around me went or was going through it, … Continue reading Pregnant.

Later Facts

Facts that come after a relevant time are the worst kind. Given that, knowing it before hand - may or may not have made a difference.. knowing it later, just makes you feel stupid and mostly angry. Why was the information not given? Were the people consulted not the best? Or it didn't matter in … Continue reading Later Facts